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Sand and Stone

Limestone Sand (#10)

1B Limestone Chips (#8)

Limestone crushed to a coarse sand.    Crushed Limestone is 3/4” and less crushed fractured stones with binder fines. Color tan and gray all natural.  

2B Limestone (#57)

2A Modified Limestone

The most common Limestone ¾”-1” diameter, most commonly used on driveways but can be used as drainage. This Limestone is a blended mixture of Limestone dust, #1 limestone, and #2 Limestone, it most commonly used on driveways    

3B Limestone

4B Limestone
This Limestone is 2”-3” in diameter, it is most commonly used a sub base for driveways prior to construction, however it may be used for drainage and landscaping. DEEP BASE, SHORING, RIVER/CREEK BEDDING, UNDERGROUND DRAINAGE - This material has a 4 inch topsize. An excellent stone for subgrade stabilization. Also used for construction entrances and ditch lining.    

1B Pea Gravel

2B Gravel (#57)

This is a smaller sized stone that is cream white in color, the pieces are 1"-2", this decorative stone can be used in many applications in and around plant and Shrub gardens. This River Gravel is ¾” in size and is generally used for drainage in ditches and backfill areas, it can be used for landscape purposes.    

3B Gravel

4B Gravel (Oversize)

This River Gravel is the size of a lemon and is more commonly used in landscape beds, however it may be used for drainage. This River Gravel is commonly referred to as Over Size, which is everything 1”-6” in diameter, a very nice product for landscaping, particularly around water gardens. It can be used as drainage and erosion control.    

Mason Sand

This is a finer cleaner sand that is used by brick and block layers, additionally it is a nice product for children sand boxes and play areas. Also a very good option for leveling areas under swimming pools. This is a courser sand that is used for mixing concrete or as a leveling sand under pavers.    



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